Best 50 Ball Bingo Sites

How to Play 50-Ball Bingo Guide

50-ball bingo is the newest version that has been introduced to the online bingo gaming space. At the time of writing the game has gained so much popularity across most online bingo sites. One of the first site to introduce the game was the Gala Bingo, even though other sites are trying to catch up to introduce this new and exciting game.

Just like the 30-ball bingo, the bingo version is actually fast-paced, ensuring that it offers real money gamblers the best chance of playing and win.

However, there are two opportunities for players to win on each of the games played. And, the main aim is making sure that bingo sites offer players the special bingo games they can win.

Gameplay 50-ball Bingo

Playing 50-ball bingo is actually similar to other bingo games. This is because all you need is to simply cover the numbers on your cards as and when they are called out.

To say the least, this version is actually the same as playing 90-ball bingo. However, there are a few differences that make this game unique since it has its own patterns. These include:

  • Lines – the 90-ball bingo game consists of 3 lines of numbers that you can mark off per ticket, whereas bingo-50 carries only 2.
  • Numbers – 50-ball bingo only encompasses numbers 1-50 instead of the 1-90 available in 90-ball bingo game.
  • Spaces – when playing 90-ball bingo you will come across every ticket. In 50-ball bingo, most of the spaces are filled up with a number. This is because there are limited or fewer numbers overall.

Nevertheless, it is worth to note that, if you buy a strip of 5 tickets in a bingo game, then there are chances you will have every number. This means you will have to mark every number that has been called out. This is actually the same scenario in the 90-ball bingo game.

Can You Win Twice in One 50-Ball Bingo Game?

Yes, it is very possible for a player to win twice in one 50-ball bingo game. The main objective of this exciting game is to first of all complete one line on your card to get the first win. After that, you must be able to cover both lines so that you can win the full house and walk away with real money.

In addition, it is also very possible to win both times in the same game. This simply shows that 50-ball bingo game is a game of chance. And, you can only win twice when you have a bit of luck on you.

How much can I Win Playing 50-ball Bingo?

The prizes and payouts of 50-ball bingo are always bound to change, and it is the same when it comes to other bingo versions. This is because there are various factors that can change the bingo prize pot. Some of the things that can actually make these possible include players, prices, and tickets. All these are part of the equation in deciding the payouts of the game.