Best 40 Ball Bingo Sites

How to Play 40 Ball Bingo: Complete Guide

Ever heard of the most popular bingo game Rainbow Riches Bingo? Well, this is the most popular game that has made most players win real money. The Bingo card consists of two groups of 4 numbers, with the objective to complete one group of four, along with a full house.

In the event that there is a Rainbow Riches, the numbers will be rearranged as lucky clovers. However, to boost the player’s gaming experience, 40 ball bingo games allow you to have an additional feature. For instance, jackpots and bonus offers are based on collecting coins.

40 Ball Bingo: Gameplay

Playing 40 ball bingo is very easy, and it is the same as 90 ball bingo. The numbers are drawn, and those that will create a combination to match the numbers on the card will then be marked off. In the event that you wish to take part in the extra features that encompass the Rainbow Riches Wishing Well feature, then there is a real need for you to play a certain number of cards.

It is not actually convincing that these bonus features will attain the required number of games. Therefore, when you are playing Rainbow Riches, then surely you will need to acquire 100 coins. This means each coin is based on a lucky number. That number must be drawn during the gameplay.

You can always make your gameplay exciting by playing a minimum of 100 games to get a £5 bonus. The probability is that it will surely take more. Therefore, if you play this amazing game on a regular basis, then you will indeed enjoy all the great rewards that come with it.

To enjoy 40 Ball Bingo, real money players must sign up at the best bingo site UK, and they will surely not regret any moment.

Tipping Point Bingo

With the popularity of Rainbow Riches, the other 40 ball games have been very limited. Back in 2017, William Hill went on and launched Day at the Races. This was a Horse racing themed game that was on their exclusive offer. Even though this is still open, it has not attracted a lot of people.

At the same time, one will ponder whether this sports theme really fit in with online bingo players. However, in a similar incident, Sky Bingo went on and presented a Tipping Point Bingo Room. This is actually a 40-ball bingo that is exclusively available to Sky, bringing the much-needed excitement on a television show to online bingo.

Even though the 40-ball bingo does not consist of a bonus feature, it actually boasts of the best progressive jackpot. The jackpot prize can actually be won, calling the house with only 12 calls.

40 Bingo Games

Various 40 bingo games are available, and they have made the whole gaming experience absolutely fantastic for real money gamblers. The 40 ball bingo games that you can play online and get the chance to win real money include the following:

  • The Machine has Landed
  • Roller-Coaster
  • Rainbow Riches
  • Day at the Races
  • Tipping Point